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What Defund The Police REALLY means

Hint: It doesn’t really mean “defund the police.” Genuine defunding the police would be something similar to what has been done in Cheran, Mexico. The right-wing version of defunding the police would be something more like Latin America with private police functioning as mercenaries controlled by oligarchs, and the left-wing version would be more like the “cops as social workers” Scandinavian model.

One important thing she points out in this is that there are about 1000 killings of civilians by police per year in the US, with about 300 of these being dubious, and the rest mostly being genuinely violent criminals. Of the 300, the root of the problem is overcriminalization, which leads to pointless confrontations between police and civilians that eventually escalate into a murder. Most of the reforms Kim is advocating for would actually make things safer for cops as well.

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