Opt Out of the System

By Ricky

“I am gonna be focusing on what I think needs to be a rallying cry. We can’t just think violence is gonna start society anew.

With that, I think; the message should be on people focusing on:

Self-reliance and in if you are incapable for whatever reason, setting up communications with friends who can.

‘Blackmarket’ as much as you comfortably can.

Promote deregulation and autonomy. Fuck secession. In my opinion, that’s just breaking off and attempting to start the same thing ‘just different’.

Of course with that promote voluntary and Free associations in various free markets.

People like to associate tax is theft into that. I do agree, but I extend that to mean maybe we have played out the monetary sense of capitalism.
Technology has brought us to a different place whereas current times show, we all simply don’t *have to work* for the world to function.
We have proven for some time, that currency is an imaginary concept.
So is to a degree, everything in that it is bought in that construct in some ways but not regulated to- imaginary?
I am not saying I am right and hope that came out and didn’t lose in translation because maybe, we need to move past the whole meaning of money and the root of all evil? Hippy-ish I know, but if we are talking change I just think it’s something to look into.
There has to be more.

And in closing my book comment of thinking out loud for me and your suggestions:
Promote evolution. We played out the ‘social experiment’. It served a purpose. Now we can move on to freedom.”

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