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Victor Davis Hanson | Protests Are More French Revolution Than American

Most of my politics are the polar opposite of VDH’s and Eric Metaxas is a fuckhead but Hanson raises some interesting points in this. Regrettably, the uprising has also unleashed beyond-parody levels of totalitarian humanism in some corners. I disagree that the current situation is on par with the French Revolution, not by the widest stretch of the imagination. After all, the Republicans are still the ruling party in many institutions. Most protestors are merely protesting police brutality, which is obviously a real issue. Most rioters/looters are sports hooligans or economic self-seekers, not Bolsheviks.

But the totalitarian humanist ideology that is now prevalent in the ideas industries is essentially a minor league reworking of the kinds of extremism that came out of the French Revolution, which is a major tradition within left-wing thought, and which repeated itself in the Communist (Russia, China, Korea, Cambodia) and other totalitarian revolutions of the 20th century (Nazism, Khomeinism, Talibanism, etc.).

The trajectory of the French Revolution that Hanson describes is accurate. Multiple waves of extremists kept coming to power, with each one being more extreme than the one before, and violent purging their predecessors along the way. The final result was the Napoleonic dictatorship.


Victor Davis Hanson is back on the program to dissect and explain the deeper meaning of the protests that are being used to fundamentally transform the country using tactics closer to the French revolution than the American.

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