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The Left Has Gone Far Beyond ‘Relativism’

As a moral relativist and cultural relativist in the anti-humanist tradition, I have actually been criticized by both Left and Right for holding such views. I’m generally not moral enough for either side, lol.

By Paul Gottfried

The American Conservative

Around the middle of the last century, American conservatives came to regard “relativism” as an essential characteristic of the Left.

Political theorist and onetime Yale professor Willmoore Kendall, who had been the teacher of William F. Buckley, was the best-known exponent of this position. Kendall was particularly concerned that liberals in post-World War II America were unwilling to stand up to communist infiltration and Soviet aggression, at least not in the decisive manner that he and his student, who became the animating spirit of the conservatism of that age, would have desired.



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