The Ungoverned Globe

This is a rather fascinating article, to say the least. A mainstream academic provides an overview of how the global capitalist empire, in which the American ruling class is the senior partner, actually functions.  He points out how the social democratic and national populist opposition parties are fraudulent, controlled opposition. Then he advocates that the ruling classes create an even more fraudulent but more convincing controlled opposition that is oriented toward a faux “radically democratic” and decentralist-populist framework. In other words, he is suggesting that the global ruling class create something that resembles a fake version of ATS to be used as a ruling class tool to deflect real opposition away from the overlords of the empire.  Wow. Just wow.

By Benjamin Studebaker


In the aftermath of the Second World War, the administrations of presidents Franklin D Roosevelt and then Harry S Truman in the United States led in the construction of the liberal order – a set of international institutions agreed upon by nation-states. The goal was to sustain peace and prosperity in the decades after the devastation of the war, and in doing so prevent both communism and fascism from spreading. But over the last 30 years of the 20th century, the liberal order changed. It is no longer primarily about protecting the West from communism and fascism by pushing up wages, creating large social programmes, and building strong safety nets. Instead, it has become an engine for globalisation, economically integrating the whole world into a singular system. The liberal order has transformed from a means of defending liberalism into a means of exporting it everywhere.


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