Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

The Military Must be De-Funded Along with the Police

The USA accounts for 35% of all global military spending, most of which is corporate welfare.

By Dan Kovalik

As Vijay Prashad explains in his book, Red Star Over The Third World, domestic fascism in the West has reflected the West’s pre-existing colonial practices abroad. Citing Martinique communist Aimé Césaire, Prashad explains: “What had come to define fascism inside Europe through the experience of the Nazis – the jackboots and the gas chambers – were familiar already in the colonies. . . . [F]ascism was a political form of bourgeois rule in times when democracy threatened capitalism; colonialism, on the other hand, was naked power justified by racism to seize resources from people who were not willing to hand them over. Their form was different but their manners were identical.


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  1. At the risk of sounding like a ‘broken record’ (a concept which surely dates me, at my age of 62, since millenials have typically never heard vinyl discs play, and only one time in my life have I heard a CD play ‘like a broken record’)…

    My proposed Assassination Politics (AP) essay, which I wrote 1995-96 will make it certainly unnecessary, and virtually impossible, to have a classical standing army, or even a government.

    With AP, people will simply fund the death of threatening people, including all people at the higher levels of government, “yours” as well as “theirs”. It will also fund the death of any replacements that should arise.

    AP will also force anyone in possession of, or in control of, nuclear weapons to publicly dismantle them. After all, any such weapons are a potential threat to anybody who could conceivably be targeted with them, and that includes any city-dwellers. Any such potential target would presumably be willing to pay a few dollars to purchase the death of any nuke-owner. Added up, that would probably be billions of dollars. This would easily buy the death of thousands of people.

    In inventing the AP idea, I solved David Friedman’s “Hard Problem” which he described in his 1973 book, “The Machinery of Freedom”, amended 1989 and 2014.

    And in so doing, I made ‘anarchy’ stable and not-chaotic. I was not aware of the existence of David Freidman when I wrote the AP essay, nor the label “the hard problem”, but I was in general aware of the problem, when I realized in 1975 that I had always been a libertarian.

    From 1975 through 1994, I called myself a “minarchist libertarian”, not because I wanted some residual government to exist (I didn’t…) but instead because I couldn’t logically figure out how to get rid of that last little bit of government (“caretaker government”). Only upon thinking of my AP idea, I realized that this would eliminate all government.

    My original Assassination Politics essay:

    Comment by Robert Vroman: From 2002, republished 2019 in

    (Here’s the other: written by R. Sukumaran.)

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