Tucker: Some lockdown lawmakers want to stamp out dissent

Tucker Carlson is a de facto spokesman for the petite bourgeoise and “small capitalist” sectors of the commercial economy, the post-bourgeois proletariat, the “sinking middle,” the dying WASP culture, political traditionalists and constitutional fundamentalists of the kind found on the paleo/populist-right, etc. Many of those interests have been hit very hard by the state-ordered economic shutdown. It makes sense some of them would be motivated to protest. Tucker Carlson is grudgingly allowed on FOX as a bone thrown to the paleo-right, the same way Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel are bones thrown to the libertarian-right, even if FOX is ultimately nothing more than the propaganda arm of the tripartite alliance of the right-wing plutocrats, military-industrial-complex, and AIPAC.

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