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Tucker Carlson 2024?

There would be certain tactical advantages to this. The Left always performs much, much better when a Republican is in office. The anti-establishment populist-right would continue to be rallied. The division between the Republican “base” and Republican establishment would continue to expand as would the divide between the […]

Tucker Carlson Interviews Mark McCloskey

Carlson has another interview with the “Straight Outta Applebee’s” guy. If the revolutionary “far-left” was tactically shrewd, they would come out in opposition to any arrest or legal prosecution of this guy on “we’re against the pigs no matter who they come after” grounds, or “we’re for the […]

Fox’s Tucker Carlson calls Trump ‘weak,’ urges him ‘protect your people’ from rioters or ‘you’re done’

As the de facto voice of the MAGAs, Tucker Carlson’s George Wallace-like commentary is predictable. Regrettably, many MAGA-types have too many cultural, psychological, and other barriers to view the insurrection in any context other than “those people are causing trouble.” The lamentable limitations of Carlson’s fans were summarized […]

Tucker: The unraveling of the Michael Flynn case

Carlson calls out the federal police state about 3 minutes into this. Ilhan Omar’s response is disappointing and regrettably rooted in partisan/cultural/tribal politics than actual opposition to the system. From Trump-loyaltist three percenters to Democrat-voting Marxists, it’s interesting how few supposed “radicals” actually oppose the system.

Krystal Ball Dragged After Tepid Credit To Fox Host

Krystal has really been getting attacked by the SJW crowd lately, which means she is likely on the right track. I reject Tucker Carlson’s populist-nationalism and social conservatism. I reject Krystal’s statist-reformist social democracy. And I reject the libtard-leftard-SJW-Antifa pathological right-wingophobia. Kyle’s commentary is this is pretty good.

Tucker Carlson on Syria

Thus far, Tucker Carlson has been, to my knowledge, the only mainstream media figure to challenge the System’s narrative on Syria. It’s interesting how the Republican Senator being interviewed said, “If you care about Israel…” the first time he opened his mouth. What if you don’t care about […]