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Tucker Carlson Responded Correctly to MediaMatters

Yep. This is a pretty good analysis. It’s also important to recognize that political correctness/totalitarian humanism is not just a Left/Right conflict. It’s also an intra-Left conflict as well, with all kinds of left-wing factors shitting all over themselves to out-PC each other, or to accuse each other of some kind of heresy. ATS is a revolutionary left perspective for those who don’t give a flying fuck about this stuff, and refuse to play along with it.

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  1. ” It’s also important to recognize that political correctness/totalitarian humanism is not just a Left/Right conflict.”

    In-fact it has nothing to do with that political spectrum, at all. It is a weapon for use by the political neoliberal establishment against its enemies. It can be used by essentially anyone within the good graces of the neoliberal sphere and it can be used against anyone from Carlson to Gabbard or Michael Tracy, Max Blumenthal, etc. Anyone acquiescing to or participating in these campaigns again individuals for political impiety is best described as a reactionary defender of the status quo.

    • Exactly.

      The PC thing is moving in the direction I always figured it would, i.e. becoming the ideological superstructure of the dominant faction of the ruling class (or at least important components of the ruling class), while being very unpopular with the general public (as the “Hidden Tribes” study demonstrated, generating a large right-wing counterculture in response (Trumpism in the mainstream and the Alt-Right/Lite configuration on the margins), and fragmenting the Left (TERFs vs trans vs anti-porn feminists vs sex workers vs Muslims vs Jews vs old white guy liberals vs center-left vs far-left vs gay men vs feminists vs Third Worldists vs middle class progressives……).

      • I’m not sure there is a “PC,” per se. PC is simply the act of “punching down,” while using and established/establishment narrative to suggest that one is “punching up.” Categories of PC are many and varied but they all allow power to be exercised while the powerless or less powerful is admonished for their supposed power.

        Instances of “PC,” in which someone is truly “punching up,” such as black prostitutes dying in political big man Ed Buck’s apartment twice in recent memory, the media doesn’t pick it up and there is no (allowed) grass roots outrage, despite the fact black gay Californians probably want Ed to be tarred.

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