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10 Million People Are Now Out of Work in the US

Tucker Carlson’s program tonight has a lot of interesting information. Melissa Francis inadvertently describes the correct solution to the present economic crisis, i.e. a complete holiday on payments for everyone. Bring on the gift economy!



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  1. Apart from the threats posed by the corona virus epidemic, it takes the legalised monetary despotism of central banking and the compulsory redistribution of earnings and property via tax slavery, in order to produce and prolong involuntary mass unemployment and other purchase, sales, earnings and credit difficulties for all too long periods. No kind of political, economic and social system should remain anywhere territorially imposed upon whole populations. All rational adults should become free to secede from them and to select another and supposedly better system for themselves, as long as they continue to like it. Only their voluntary members should benefit or suffer under them. In this kind of free competition the most peaceful, free, competitive and tolerant systems would sooner or later become almost universally adopted. Only fools would continue to live under their foolish choices for themselves.

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