The Pan-Anarchist 12-Step Program

1. Continue to attack all mainstream institutions across the board, until all of the system’s institutions have a single digit approval rating, just as Congress presently does.

2. Continue all dissident movements everywhere, and grow these to the point that they collectively become a majority, and then a super-majority.

3. Promote the idea of secession until a substantive majority of Americans wishes for their state, region, or locality to secede, thereby effectively breaking up the USA.

4. Continue to build support for military non-intervention, which is at an all-time low, across the political spectrum.

5. Continue to build support for anti-police state protests until these become an Eastern Europe circa 1989 moment.

6. Continue to attack the war on drugs which is the foundation of the modern American police state.

7. Continue to grow the libertarian grey tribe as an anti-state opposition force in U.S. politics.

8. Advocate for the city-state system as a practical means of implementing decentralist ideas.

9. Advocate for the repeal of consensual crimes and the surveillance state, the definitive social issues for the grey tribe.

10. Continue to critique red state fascism.

11. Continue to critique blue state totalitarian humanism.

12. Continue to build the pan-anarchist philosophy as the leading revolutionary ideology of the 21st century, comparable to Marxist in the 20th century, and classical liberalism in the 19th century.

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  1. It would’ve been good to simply state that the true, original meaning and intent of anarchism is based upon the phrase: no hierarchy. It does not mean the current propaganda for chaos and violent disorder. Of course, both of those are likely to occur, given Davos Man and his “slow moving corporate coup d’état”, [originally stated by John Ralston Saul, in 1997, a Canuck] that is now in charge and moving at breakneck speed. Until humanity comes to grip with the two essential sacrosanct ideas of private property accumulation and personal profit at the expense of all others, we are on a dead ahead course for the 6th mass extinction, that our species has caused and are included therein. Yes, it’s complicated. hahaha

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