Join, or Die

by R.J. Jacob

Conspiratorialism and traditional distrust in elites has shaped American history since its initial conception beginning with the Anglo-Republicanism of the 17th century and its conspiratorial views of Charles I and James II, to the Boston Tea Party British colonists who saw the Stamp Act and the Townshend duties as part of a larger conspiracy to destroy their liberties. British moderates of the 18th century were also convinced that they themselves had fallen victim to a grand conspiracy spun out by British radicals to break away from the Crown. Both the British and American sides were equally entrenched in a paranoid mindset and conspiratorial environment. Similarly, contemporary America is obsessed with conspiracies of secret handshakes, evil bankers, population reduction, eugenics, death camps, lone shooters, the assassinations of JFK and RFK, the World Trade Center attacks, the anthrax mailings, fake birth certificates, weather manipulation, and so forth. These conspiracies come specifically from an ever expanding patriot movement that has exploded in the last eleven years. is the center of the “information war” blasting out the same kind of conspiracies and anti-elitist rhetoric that fueled American political movements from the colonial period. The founder of the website, Alex Jones, is listed by Wikipedia as a “minor celebrity” in Austin, Texas. Alexa’s internet traffic system ranks as the 453th most visited website in the US—ranking just behind major national corporate networks such as the National Broadcasting Company ( A staggering position, the Alex Jones movement is by far the most popular radical tendency in the United States boasting millions of monthly visitors while (the most popular “libertarian” website) remains in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands. and her sister site receive more traffic than all the major white nationalist, libertarian and anarchist websites combined (including and while maintaining a 71.2% US audience.

In addition to the website, Jones has become one of the most successful horror filmmakers of our time, flooding the Tubes with terrifying documentaries of a traitorous elite steering the world towards a ‘Global Stasi Borg State.’ Tens of millions of people have seen these documentaries to find they are staying up all night surfing the web, reading articles and beginning a quest for “the truth.” In addition to the documentaries and website, Jones’ nationally syndicated radio program “The Alex Jones Show” is smashing talk radio, having made the TALKERS “Heavy Hundred” list for 2011. According to the Rolling Stone, Jones has attracted “a bigger audience online than Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck combined — and his conspiracy-laced rants make the two hosts sound like tea-sipping NPR hosts on Zoloft.”

One might assume Jones’ intellectual quality could never be taken seriously, but the Infowars movement seemingly selects its own trusted intellectual-heroes who can be heard regularly or weekly on the Alex Jones Show including Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, Bruce Fein, and the recently deceased Bob Chapman. Jones has made inroads with Congressman, Senators, governors and other government officials, and has accumulated whistle-blowers and dedicated patriots at various levels of government who feel it is their patriotic duty to alert Alex Jones when something seems suspicious. This mass paranoid following has helped Jones break major stories as a journalist to become a frequently cited source at the ever popular Jones has further established ties and allies in the entertainment industry having a wide variety of well known celebrities and entertainers on his program.

While white nationalists are sleeping, Alex Jones and his megaphone are waking up white conservatives from the Republican Party en masse. For the last ten years, Infowars has been fiercely consolidating the white demographic of church going white conservatives or decent working class and middle class whites. The problem for white nationalists is that once white Protestants for instance disconnect ideologically and culturally from their secular, Jewish or Catholic cosmopolitan leaders, they’re more susceptible to defect to a later phase of their cultural heritage and political tradition—the American tradition. Americans believe in American history, that is, “our ancestors” honorably fought against the same conspiratorial tyranny that the patriot movement is facing today. The general impression that elite crime is heinously widespread and responsible for most of America’s problems resonates well with post-racial whites who become disillusioned with the ruling class and their neocon intellectual leadership. In this respect, white nationalists should not assume European Americans will have “nowhere to go” when the Republican Party perishes.

The Alex Jones worldview attracts every strain of the radical right without favoring any particular strain over the others. Jones appeals to racially conscious whites by “exposing” mass immigration as a conspiracy to “even out” the United States to prepare Americans for world government. He is able to attack racism by non-whites without embracing or degenerating into white racism. He attracts white libertarians by rejecting the military banking complex, the police state, the welfare state, and the regulatory state, while appealing to white constitutionalists by depicting the elite as a gang of criminal thugs whose global agenda requires the destruction of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. He appeals to white survivalists, doomsters and firearms enthusiasts by perpetuating an ongoing drift towards a total state of tyranny consisting of gun seizures, death camps, and government murder fest. He appeals to military and ex military personnel by submerging himself in a world of constant false flag attacks, government testing, and secret military take-over plans. He appeals to the religious right by connecting their leadership to the “devils of the New World Order”—offering defectors and “awakened” Christians a monstrously new perspective of evil. He is also heading up the radical health movement by attacking Big Pharma and leading the charge in break through news on GMO seeds, vaccinations, water fluoridation, chemical trails, and other classic conspiracies of “poisoning the people.”

What we are witnessing is the reemergence of the paranoid style of thinking during the time of the American Revolution. The conspiracy audience is the true grassroots of the American radical right, and Jones has built the foundation for a populist radicalism that goes beyond the narrowly focused fetish-libertarianism of the Lew Rockwell variety to offer a fast-growing, future right wing populism that is non racial and conspiratorial, much like the ministerial conspiracies that spawned this nation in the first place. The American resistance rejects the culture wars, as well as both the Democratic and Republican parties, postulating a “beyond left/right” worldview, and claiming to have popularized the term “left-right paradigm” in the United States.

The Anglo Conspiratorium demonstrates the impossibility white nationalists face in returning European Americans to a mindset prior to civic nationalism and the paranoid thinking of the American social experiment. The white nationalist strategy, as of now, is none; to become impoverished, that is, to wait until whites become so underprivileged that a deathly obviousness and general empathy among European Americans increases the scale of racial solidarity among whites. If white nationalists wish to see their stock rise, the movement is going to need a new strategic paradigm in order to develop itself in the shadow of the zeitgeist, especially if it plans to draw from these ranks, much less compete. The US white nationalist movement is not going to magically auto-vacuum the white demographic without positioning itself to do so.

Keith Preston and Craig FitzGerald are the only two individuals who have attempted to reconcile white nationalism with political ideas relevant to this country. At the intellectual level, Keith has shown the ways in which white nationalism, anarchism and secession will begin bending towards one another in a triangular relationship against liberal society. For white nationalists, Preston posits white culture as an identity, anarchism as a political philosophy, and secession as a means to an end. Such would not only attract young European Americans from the patriot movement but also lost white youth searching for something “cool” and “radical” who eventually turn towards leftism. Keith has done a service for the New Right by turning disillusioned leftists away from the hoi polloi and into the realm of authentic radicalism. Once people discover national anarchism they discover the New Right/Alternative Right in its entirety, and they become sympathetic to white nationalists.

At the activist level, national anarchist Craig FitzGerald has established inroads with We Are Change NYC—a chapter of the youth brand of the Alex Jones movement founded by youngster journalist Luke Rudkowski who frequently appears on the Alex Jones Show. The We Are Change movement runs a popular Youtube channel with millions of views, receives large donations from the general public, and has become nefariously known to ambush public officials with bright lights, rolling cameras and anti-elitist drama. FitzGerald has been involved with We Are Change since the spring of 2008, working very closely with Luke Rudkowski and others. Soon after, FitzGerald came into contact with Troy Southgate and Andrew Yeoman, and began recruiting for the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance within We Are Change. The First NATA meeting was actually held after a WACNYC meeting as a direct outgrowth of the original movement. From there WACNYC continued to play a role in the development of NATA helping to get the movement off the ground showing solidarity at protests and demonstrations, and cooperating in food drives, clothing drives, and film screenings. We Are Change NY ultimately became a platform for birthing and promoting the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance of New York—one of the strongest National Anarchist chapters in the United States.

As a result of Craig’s activism, chapters of WAC in other states have become sympathetic to national anarchists and have even attempted to launch their own national anarchist groups, i.e. the North Texas NA faction. The Preston-FitzGerald model of a high-end WN anarchist elite and ground level national anarchist body embedded in the American Resistance is the best way to reach the youth. For example, Alexa’s audience demographics for (relative to the general internet population) show that 18-24 year olds are over represented at Attack the System (anarchist site) while visitors between the ages of 25 and 34 are under represented, and visitors between the ages of 35 and 44 are greatly under represented. On the other hand, nearly half of Counter-Currents (white nationalist site) visitors are located in Sweden, and visitors between the ages of 25 and 34 are under represented, while those over the age of 55 are over represented. AlternativeRight is also receiving most of its traffic from outside of the United States with visitors between the ages of 25 and 34 being under represented, and those over the age of 55 being greatly over represented.

The anti-NWO view of the system is somewhat similar to ours at ATS, the only major differences can be found in the movement’s solutions which amount to financial reform and restoration of the US Constitution. The challenge for a white nationalist elite would be to chip away at the Resistance to pull sectors of the patriot movement to cross the line into genuine radicalism/extremism by endorsing anarchism and secessionism. Whites are turning against the system in unprecedented numbers and the best way to engage younger whites is to meet them at their level. The question is this: how will white nationalists adapt? What strategies will emerge? Will they remain in the backdrop of things, or will they begin to function as a serious political force that knows how to play the game?

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  1. Interesting stats on ATS’s reach there RJ I can see your point about Jones and his fans, obviously there is a hell of a lot of them. Problem is that in my experience people who subscribe to the whole “NWO” thing tend to have a pretty weird idea of what the problem is and how it might be solved. These people are scared of airplanes, helicopters and disaster relief trucks (as you noted FEMA couldn’t manage to deliver a few thousand bottles of water much less round up millions of dissidents). There are scared that the FBI or the ATF might turn into the SS or the Stasi and by comparison what it does today looks fairly mild. Moreover they see their enemies as “skull and crossbones” and the “Illuminati” and the Rothschilds rather than the state or even the government.

    Often the net effect of this is to produce a sort of paralysis in which the victim becomes unsure of anything, terrified of “state infiltration” and convinced they are facing something which has a little more power than the god of the Old Testament.

    I could live with that if it were not for the fact that if you could persuade these people to support pan secessionism then the effect of that would be to exclude everyone else. It’s going to be pretty hard to win some intellectual credibility when we have people bouncing around talking about holographic airliners. I’m a pretty tolerant sort of guy, but a lot of people aren’t and they just don’t want to be associated with people who think vaccine programs are a communist plot.

    In any case I’m not sure that all of Jones’ fans take him seriously, I think for a lot of them Alex is just providing a form of entertainment.

    I think there is a more serious element to that “radical right” American tradition which can be seen in the militia movement, but I think conspiracy thinking is holding them back rather than driving them forward.

  2. All true RJ, but the thing is that white nationalists and “mainstream” anarchists are also out groups who are not taken seriously, at best, by the rest of society.

    The problem with conspiracy thinking is that it diverts from actual political analysis. If you tell people “you wanna know what the government is about? MK Ultra man! MK Ultra!!” then they tend to place you in a category reserved for the paranoid.

    The problem with the right is that it has never developed, until maybe now, a rational critique of the state. It is that vacuum which generated the populist conspiracy which is now so prevalent.

    I see the project we are engaged in here as providing that critique of the state for the right. I think this is an important project. I think that, based on my experience, the populist right might succeed where the left failed because while people were prepared to accept the left critique of the establishment they were not prepared to accept the proposed solution.

    If we can marry the sentimental appeal of the right, of its instincts for freedom and self determination with the intellectual appeal of the left’s critique of the state and the ruling elite we might hit upon an explosive formula. And anything less than that is useless.

    So yeah, to the Alex Jones fans, damn right there is something fucking badly wrong here, but you better shape up if you want to do something about it. Read some fucking Marx instead of ATS (above Top Secret)

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