This interview is included in the recently released National-Anarchism: Ideas and Concepts, edited by Troy Southgate and available from Black Front Press.

1) Please could you introduce yourself, your background, and how you define national anarchism?

I am a native New Yorker, agrarian separatist homesteader, and spokesman for the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance NY. I was raised around the patriot/militia movement and since my early teenage years I have been involved with a wide array of radical political groups and causes from anarchist groups to populist American nationalist and anti-Zionist circles. More recently but previous to the founding of NATA in 2010, I mainly focused my attention on attempting to build bridges between the radical and anti statist “left” and “right” (with limited success). I have worked with the 2008 Ron Paul campaign, WeAreChangeNYC, Young Americans for Liberty, End the Fed, the John Birch Society (JBS), and been involved with the Constitution and Libertarian parties.

I believe NA to be the purest hyphenated anarchism in the greater anarchist milieu.  Anarchism in general can never be a one-size-fits-all label meaning the same thing to everyone; the philosophy’s very nature requires heterogeneity.  Unlike the dogmatic, utopian, universal egalitarianism of many anarchists, NA is a realistic and pragmatic approach to the differences in opinion amongst anarchists.  I believe that NA has the potential to be a large umbrella under which numerous groups could identify.  It can philosophically unite diverse hyphenated anarchists with one another, and with other anti-statist groups.  This is because the nature and essence of NA is that each community has every right to self-determination, whether it manifests as a planned communist economy, a laissez-faire free market, a religious or racial separatist enclave, an environmentalist eco-tribe, or anything else.  The people/community make up the nation, not the state.  The About NATA-NY document further explains my views on NA.

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