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The Conspiracy Theorists Are Winning

The problem with David’s analysis in this is that he seems fairly subjective and one-dimensional in his criticisms of “conspiracy theories.” The fact that the last three years of cable news (excluding FOX) was devoted to Russiagate hysteria shows that liberals and the Left are just as prone to hysterical conspiracy theories as anyone from the far-Right.

The big question about COVID-19 is what do we actually know about it based on demonstrable medical and scientific facts, discovered through legitimate empirical processes and subject to revision upon the receipt of new information, as opposed to mere speculation, abstract theorizing, inferences based on incomplete information, correlation/causation arguments, or ideologically-driven assumptions?

The big question about the response to the pandemic is how do we strike an appropriate balance between protecting public health, protecting vulnerable populations (the elderly, the chronically ill, etc), avoiding government overreach, minimizing the economic impact, addressing socioeconomic disparities (e.g. the safety of low-income “essential” workers, the economic plight of furloughed workers, as opposed to upper-middle-class people who can work remotely), addressing geographic and demographic disparities (urban and rural, affluent suburbs vs poor inner cities and Native American reservations, etc.)?

Regrettably, most ideologues don’t seem particularly interested in any of this. It’s all just about scoring points for their team.

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