Chomsky: Biden Furthest Left Candidate on Climate Ever Reply

This is just fucking sad. So Noam now agrees with Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson that Biden is some kind of revolutionary Marxist? After the Democrats have gone out of their way to marginalize any semi-radical elements in their party? Joe is so “progressive” he doesn’t even support legalizing marijuana. He’s the same drug warrior he was 30 years ago. Regrettably, Chomsky has become a true believer in the climate change cult in his old age. That’s the only thing I can think of what would explain this.

WARNING About “Abolish the Police” Reply

David Pakman is obviously concerned that “abolish the police” rhetoric is going to scare the hell out of suburban swing voters and undermine Biden’s electoral chances. I would agree with that if I gave a shit about Biden’s electoral chances.  Predictably, the policing system that David is advocating is more or less what they have in some Scandinavian countries like Norway (i.e. police as professional class social workers). However, he is correct that the defund the police movement is going to not only be co-opted by progressive welfare-statists (which David favors) but also by “conservatives” (plutocrats) who would simply replace the conventional police with Blackwater-like mercenaries as “private police” (which is more or less the system they have Latin America).

–As “abolish the police,” “defund the police,” and other similar slogans quickly spread, we explore whether this is the right approach to fix the problems with our police departments

How Bad Would Trump’s 2nd Term Be? Reply

I generally agree with David’s analysis of what Trump’s 2nd term would be like. He would mostly govern like a normal Republican while using his position to attack his rivals in the state, among the politicians, and in the media.

For those who care about the Democrat vs. Republican thing, I guess that’s a bad thing. For those who don’t care, like myself, it’s a matter of indifference.

For those who think divisiveness among the elites is a bad thing, like David apparently, I guess that’s a bad thing. For those who favor divisiveness among the elites, like myself, it’s a good thing. Either way, a Trump 2nd term or a Biden administration will be hilarious, I’m sure.

A Biden administration will essentially mean government by the CIA-FBI-DNC-MSNBC-Facebook axis (i.e. the alliance of the Deep State with the rising ruling class of techno-oligarchs and the new clerisy, with the Likudniks at FAUX News as the token “opposition”).


The Conspiracy Theorists Are Winning Reply

The problem with David’s analysis in this is that he seems fairly subjective and one-dimensional in his criticisms of “conspiracy theories.” The fact that the last three years of cable news (excluding FOX) was devoted to Russiagate hysteria shows that liberals and the Left are just as prone to hysterical conspiracy theories as anyone from the far-Right.

The big question about COVID-19 is what do we actually know about it based on demonstrable medical and scientific facts, discovered through legitimate empirical processes and subject to revision upon the receipt of new information, as opposed to mere speculation, abstract theorizing, inferences based on incomplete information, correlation/causation arguments, or ideologically-driven assumptions?


AOC Getting CRUSHED for Breaking with Bernie Reply

David Pakman makes one of the best cases against electoral politics I’ve seen in a while. That’s not his intention but that’s what it amounts to. If all of these “progressive” do-gooders put as much effort into building an actual revolutionary movement as they do into reformist bullshit they might actually have something.

DEBATE: Is There Anything to “Russiagate”? Reply

Tom Woods hosts a debate on “Russiagate.” Listen here.

My take on Russiagate is that I couldn’t possibly care less if Russia “interferes” in domestic US politics or not. Israel and Saudi Arabia interfere in US politics to an infinitely greater degree than Russia, and it’s not even an issue. The US interferes in the politics of just about all other nations. Turnabout is fair play.


David Pakman of the David Pakman Show, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, square off in a discussion of allegations of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian officials and operatives.