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How Bad Would Trump’s 2nd Term Be?

I generally agree with David’s analysis of what Trump’s 2nd term would be like. He would mostly govern like a normal Republican while using his position to attack his rivals in the state, among the politicians, and in the media.

For those who care about the Democrat vs. Republican thing, I guess that’s a bad thing. For those who don’t care, like myself, it’s a matter of indifference.

For those who think divisiveness among the elites is a bad thing, like David apparently, I guess that’s a bad thing. For those who favor divisiveness among the elites, like myself, it’s a good thing. Either way, a Trump 2nd term or a Biden administration will be hilarious, I’m sure.

A Biden administration will essentially mean government by the CIA-FBI-DNC-MSNBC-Facebook axis (i.e. the alliance of the Deep State with the rising ruling class of techno-oligarchs and the new clerisy, with the Likudniks at FAUX News as the token “opposition”).


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