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  1. What the ATS crowd doesn’t want to accept is that any left-right coalition will REQUIRE that the neo-fascist crowd is left out.

  2. Meh. The term “fascist” is so widely overused that it really has no meaning other than “something leftists find unfavorable at the moment.”

    I’ve also found that no one outside of hard left circles really gives a damn about “the fascists” (whomever they are). The fixation on “the fascists” exhibited by the Left is really on the level of the religious right’s fixation on “the homosexuals” or the neo-nazis fixation on “the Jews.” In all three instances, it’s a definitive element of each groups’ tribal identity, but one that no one outside their circles really cares about.

    People who aren’t leftist fanatics just don’t see “fascists” hiding behind every rock. I deal with people from all kinds of political and cultural backgrounds, and this stuff is never an issue for anyone outside the ranks of fanatical leftist-fundamentalists. And I don’t really see those as a constituency for ARV-ATS. In fact, I see them as our main enemy other than the ruling class itself.

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