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  1. SwineGuitar is a racist communist pretending that he has objective judgment. Actually he is a mental defective and an utterly useless ignoramus living  in a schizoid fantasy land. As a racist he must prove at every turn, that he is a brown-nosing, pro african and therefore on the high ground, above all other species. He pretends to have reasons worthy of consideration,  but those pseudo reasons are encapsulated in only one racist value, skin color. This masochist, harboring a psychopathic dedication to his own guilt complexes, will accept anything, including death, as long as his boss is black. This guy is a phoney too, he is either black or a half breed mutant (and therefore his behavior is predictable), like all blacks he is racist and murderous in his drive to humiliate white men and boys. The only way to deal with him is to throw him in a pit with a knife and then jump in after him. A crazy person who is so insanely biased and hate-filled is not reachable by reasoning. He will lie, exaggerate and threaten, even murder to win. Bring it on you racist socialist ignoramus,insanely stupid, half wit pig. Swineguitar depends on yahoo to delete my thoughts and to distribute his idiocy as a mindless disciple of every living and dead black-racist, communist, extant. When I run across scum like this, I flexibly adapt until I can get him alone. But remember, that is a waste of time. This creature in nonredeemable and he and his horde of other swinescummers(sic), are dedicated to engineering our servitude to them and their black masters. That is the first step to white Genocide. The question is not one of living amicably or “equal.” They will always want more and more, and they seek it for free, as paid tribute from us. But since they need food and shelter, guess who they have decided to provide it to them? All of those poor white fools willing to give 75% of their hard earned money to provide a wonderful world for those evil greedy socialist parasites to flourish, multiply and continually prey on us. This is a cultural war to determine if 80% of America (white) will become the slaves of 15% (blacks and renegade communist whites and moslems). The answer is,You have pushed us too far. There is no room for compromise!

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