The Bankruptcy of the American Left

Kudos to Chris Hedges. This is as good an analysis as I would ever expect from someone on the Left. This is a fairly straightforward Marxist analysis within a social democratic ideological framework. But he knows who the real enemy is.

By Chris Hedges


There will be no economic or political justice for the poor, people of color, women or workers within the framework of global, corporate capitalism. Corporate capitalism, which uses identity politics, multiculturalism and racial justice to masquerade as politics, will never halt the rising social inequality, unchecked militarism, evisceration of civil liberties and omnipotence of the organs of security and surveillance. Corporate capitalism cannot be reformed, despite its continually rebranding itself. The longer the self-identified left and liberal class seek to work within a system that the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism,” the more the noose will be tightened around our necks. If we do not rise up to bring government and financial systems under public control—which includes nationalizing banks, the fossil fuel industry and the arms industry—we will continue to be victims.


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  1. “We totally reject the narrative that the working class is racist.”

    Racism is a bougousie term. Tribalism is absolutely common to the working class. Race solidairty is in fact a great leap forward in universalized brotherhood relative to the localized ethnic and sub ethnic tribalism of the past. “Racism,” cum racial solidairty should be embraced by the pragmatic left. The end goal of social class justice requires the kind of cohesion that multiracial societies cannot muster, hence the neoliberal fetish for multiracialism.

    “The labor movement has remained organized on a national basis.”

    On the contrary, labour movements have international ties and have sold out almost entirely to neoliberalism. Though the workers themselves are increasingly racially identitarian due to the pressure on the white working class as the most hated group in society.

    “I don’t want to say we should eliminate all identity politics,”

    Then one cannot even take the idea of universal brotherhood seriously. Trump was not a product of militarism. He appointed militaristic geneals as a matter of course. What made him stand out among the Republicans in his primary was his echo of a Buchanan era racial solidarity with the white working class. The American left can crow all day long about class and capitalism but if they are too afraid of their non-white allies to defend white workers explicitly, from explicit threats, then they are no friend of the working class in so far as whites are concerned and that white proletariat will correctly decide that their only future lies with fascism.

  2. “Diversity” is used to keep the population from forming a power base. It also creates hostility that only a police state can control. Tito’s Yugoslavia is a model that shows what this is actually about. Mixing up Balkanized populations with built in hostility to atomize them and prevent them from forming any resistance to Tito and his jackboot police state. The Feds are flying in people that are from terrorist states. They WANT more terrorism. 9/11 gave them the ability to spy on you legally, bring the CIA ops back home, give the government the right to engage in propaganda and no knock maybe after the fact warrant raids.
    The Rich are the ones that benefit not any of you. Public welfare and corporate welfare both benefit the Rich. The paychecks of these Billionaires is subsidized by low paid Plebeians. Someone working two jobs and living paycheck to paycheck is SUBSIDIZING some Rich dudes household help. His maid, his Nanny, and his lawncare are all SUBSIDIZED by taxpayers helping to pay his underpaid serfs. Corporate welfare in tax breaks, multi-billion dollar contracts and sweetheart deals. No bid contracts, shell companies, offshore banks and tax shelters. They have zero real income as far as the IRS is concerned. When that old goat Warren China Buffet says he wants an income tax increase, he’s scamming you. This old goat doesn’t get a paycheck like you. He gets it all from Capital Gains. This weasel talks about how he wants to pay more income taxes that he doesn’t get covered under, and then says that small businesses and farmers need a “capital gains tax cut”. This weasel wants a tax cut. Someone should clear his mind of these things. A nice lobotomy and duty on a chain gang for the rest of his life should get them to pony up those Billions that gather dust in their grubby hands.

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