Why We Need Hillary to Win: The Fire Rises

An interesting and, I suspect, accurate bit of analysis.

I think this commentator is correct that as U.S. society continues to move leftward, the right will become increasingly alienated from both the political establishment and the mainstream culture, and begin to adopt a more radical, militant, and anti-establishment stance. Hence, they will be less oriented towards “Defend America!” or “Take Back America!,” or more oriented towards “To Hell with America!”. Plus, as their numbers continue to dwindle, they will realize the impossibility of taking over the state, and begin to adopt ideas like secession and decentralization. Where it will go from there is anyone’s guess.

The majority of leftists, liberals, progressives, left-anarchists, and (probably) libertarians usually express horror at the idea of “right-wingers” seceding in order to practice allegedly reactionary values within the context of their own enclaves. While I am merely an anarchist (in the tradition of Stirner), and not any kind of right winger, I would consider mass secession by predominately rightist-leaning communities to be a means of weakening and destroying the American imperial empire, both internationally and domestic. Unfortunately, most cultural cosmopolitans and “progressives” apparently believe that making sure there’s an an abortion clinic and a gay bar on every street corner in every backwoods town is more important that overthrowing a genocidal imperialist regime and a global plutocratic tyranny.

By Jan Stadler

Traditionalist Youth Network

Given the endless coverage by FOX news and Bill O’Reilly of poll after poll after speculation with Charles Krauthammer over whether Hillary can win, will Hillary run and can Rand Paul beat Hillary, I am going to assume the 2016 election has already begun.

Of course in line with this excessively premature hysteria about Hillary Clinton, conservatives, libertarians, populists, Tea Partiers and Christian fundamentalists are all in a twit over the future prospects of Hilary Clinton become the next president of these states united.

Hail comrade Clinton. The final nail in the coffin of America, a nation needing to die.

When musing about Hillary’s potential win or not, too many conservatives operate under the false assumption that with Hilary we’re dead, with a Republican we’re not, even though we know the GOP will lie to us, betray us and ultimately not fulfill any of their promises to control the border, protect babies in the womb and marriage in the end.

Hence, after having observed and lived in the reign of soft-tyranny under Barrack Obama, I have begun to analyze the prospective reign of Hillary Clinton in the same light as I have under Barrack Obama—that being that Barrack Obama was the best thing that has happened to the American Right since the secession of the Cotton States in 1860.

No other figure or event has spurred such righteous indignation against the system more than the reign of America’s first black president. Granted the Tea Party and all of its off shoots are only semi-coherent reactionary movements, yet they represent at radical change in mentality in a very short period of time.

The only question here is, what if it could be duplicated again, but on an even more extreme level?

Fundamentally, it is best long term for the American Right, that Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States and it would be best if the Republicans ran a minority ticket (to of course prove they are not the party of racism) and/or Rand Paul and had them lose to her.

The operating goal in mind here is two fold: one, keep the right wing getting more right wing and two, halt the advancement of establishment libertarianism and GOP minority worship. Hillary Clinton accomplished both these things for the American right, any Republican does not.

Agitation of the Right

Probably the most important reason right wingers need Hilary to win is so she keeps conservatives and libertarians agitated. If a Republican was to win again, whether a libertarian, neo-con or populist, the right would feel obligated to be loyal and feel some sort of conviction that they have saved America from destruction.

The reality would be however, that America’s decline would continue, only this time conservatives would be cheering the ship sinking—but it would be ok because it would be a Republican captain as opposed to an evil Democrat captain.

Though the dissident/alternative/fundamentalist/hard/far-right is still a small minority politically speaking, once generic R’s begin to realize they have no hope of political victories at the federal level is when the dissident/alternative/ fundamentalist/hard/far-right’s moment arises.

Both in actuality and in perception, it should become believed that there is no hope for reform on a federal level. This then sets the groundwork for more “radical” alternatives such as political and cultural session, rises in militia and far-right groups and civil disobedience.

Keeps Government Divided and Ineffective

Though the government is often viewed as one monolithic entity that is out to get our guns and Bibles, it actually is far more divided behind the scenes. There is an entire matrix of interwoven interest groups ranging from social organizations, to economic groups to ethnic and religious lobbies that are all in competition with each other, vying for as much control and influence as possible.

Though the notion of Republicrats and Demicans is correct, it is not the entire story. Not all Republicans and Democrats are on the same page for what they see as a future vision for America and the West. Therefore it is essential that gridlock be maintained, with the GOP controlling the Congress and the Dems the White House to keep the US government and its factions fighting among each other. If the Republicans were to control the Senate, the House and the White House at the same time, with a “conservative” Supreme Court, it would give the Left what it wants—an easy path to power.

If a total GOP domination of government occurred, legislation that we currently think as heinous (amnesty) would be passed through with little to no opposition, and legislation that we think would be good (pro-life) would never see the light of day. The Republican Party would intentionally implode whatever is left of the American political system with the tacit consent of their GOP base.

Furthermore a government in gridlock will further increase societal agitation and weaken the already diminished popularity of the US Government as common sense legislation on job creation, government spying and foreign affairs die at the President’s desk and other scandals such as the IRS, Benghazi and NSA are never solved.

Less of a Chance for War with Russia

As a sub-note to the notion of keeping government divided, a Democrat will be less likely to go to war with Russia than a Republican will. Yes Democrat have historically been greater war hawks than Republicans, but recent times have changed that.

First, can you imagine the current conflict with Russia being led by John McCain as opposed to Barrack Obama? If that was the case, the 101st would have been deployed to defend freedom the minute that Crimea attempted to become independent and Russia, the USA and the EU would be smoldering piles of ash.

Here to free you in the name of corporations, International Jewry, and globalists.

Despite the military-industrial complex’s ownership of the US government, leaders in both parties still must listen and contemplate the interests of their base and fringe wings.

Democrats, no matter how pro-war they might be, ultimately have to take into consideration the hippie/anti-war wing of their party that would not even fire a bi-bi gun if the Huns invaded. This anti-war wing of the Democratic Party is very powerful and influential and a Democratic president cannot act without at least consulting them.

One would think the libertarian wing of the GOP would be the “right” equivalent to this, but given Rand Paul’s declared loyalty to both Israel and placing missiles in Eastern Europe, this anti-war faction of the GOP is probably ineffective if not dead.

Therefore if tensions with Russia escalate, I would rather have hippies helping guide foreign policy with the Third Rome, than neo-cons and libertarian hawks.

Hillary Completes the Obamanation

Before liberalism will fade away, it must run its course. Any premature “death” of liberalism will only end up making it a martyred faith. Its ugliness and vanity must be fully exposed and felt and it has yet to be fully expressed.

Many Christian Rightists thought that gay marriage and abortion were the culmination of American social evils. However, it won’t be until there is live child euthanasia and legalized pedophilia that we will probably arrive at the end of the liberal train.

American Right-Wingers are discontent yet not aggravated enough to enact serious change. The erosion of the economy and the degradation of all cultural norms and its replacement by lawlessness will force American conservatives to quit being reactionaries and become revolutionaries.

If a Republican wins, it only legitimizes the dead forces of reaction and America and the Right are not placed in a manner that actually moves her forward, but keeps her mired in the swamp of soft-leftism.

The fire rises.

America is dying and Hillary will hopefully bring the final swan song to this decrepit leviathan known as the United States of America. Time to sit back, crack a beer, and watch it all burn.

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  1. Sound analysis, depressing though “the good news is that tumor in your leg isn’t going to kill you, the bad news is your going to need half as many socks”

  2. “Anything that will destroy the American empire and the Republican party is a good thing in my opinion”

    Hear, hear!

    ” I thought that’s what Ron Paul was trying to do?”

    Well, Ron Paul’s legacy is a much expanded libertarian movement, and a Republican Party that’s increasingly divided between the libertarians and Tea Partiers on hand and the neocons and GOP establishment on the other. So he pushed things in the right direction.

    The Republicans are the enemy of all mankind. They can’t disappear soon enough. If nothing else, serious radicals would be left fighting a one front war against the establishment progressives rather than the two front war we have at present.

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