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Book on Hezbollah Released

Authored by Mesbah Mahjoub, a book has been released on the thought patterns of Hezbollah led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah.

IBNA: The book entails issues which have led to the success of the Muslim political party in Lebanon and in the physical and psychological wars it has gone through in recent years.

Arranged in four parts and published by the Ghadr Velayat Cultural-Arts Institute, the book is in fact an adaptation of a book by Mohammad Reza Mirzajan.

The work includes a brief history of Hassan Nasrollah’s life and a number of other Islamic resistance martyrs in the Lebanon and reflects on Heznollah’s activities in the region and their effect in the world.

An overview of the philosophical and belief system of the Islamic militant group is the book’s theme. It also encompasses Hassan’s personality traits like courage, faithfulness, eloquence, intrinsic discipline and devotion, as well as the key his success leading the group in recent years through all the vicissitudes caused by arrogant powers of the world like the US.

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