Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

American ‘Socialist Patriotism’: Repackaged American Exceptionalism

A Maoist/Third Worldist critique of the American “left.”

By Jason Unruhe and SMG John

The big topic the last few weeks has been this reactionary notion of “American socialist patriotism”. The White middle-class talking heads of social media have been attempting to repackage American exceptionalism for the left in their efforts to maintain their own spoils. The land they stole from First Nations people and the wealth they steal from third world people.

Recently a “debate”, which was actually more akin to an American support group meeting took place. A debate that had no opposing side. An offer was made to present that opposing view, but it was ignored. Instead, this “debate” was composed of, primarily, White middle-class people condescending to colonized people.

In this work, I will fully outline why you cannot be an “American socialist patriot” and support social justice. America is, always was, and always will be, fundamentally unjust. No person of conscience could ever be an American patriot.

What is America?

America, “the land of the free” was born out of anything but. It cannot be denied that America was born out of slavery and genocide. The last time I checked, those were bad things to do. Yet, this is the reality of America. Everything it is is built on these facts. There is no America without it. There cannot have been an America without these terrible events. There is no getting around this or denying it. America is genocide and slavery. To deny this is to be a rightest who seeks to whitewash history, as they so often attempt to do.



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