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Tucker: No one has been punished for this

Totally disagree with Tulsi on this. The way to end the Takfiri insurgencies is to stop backing regimes that are fostering them like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, etc, and to stop opposing or weakening regimes and/or non-state actors that are opposing them like Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Iraqi Shia, Taliban, etc. The US also needs to stop facilitating Israeli expansionism. Other than that, Islamism can be contained the same way Communism was contained and eventually fell apart under its own weight. The only serious defensive interests the US has include preventing long-range missile attacks and domestic terrorism sponsored by foreign entities, both of which are made much more likely by US foreign policy. The US is bordered by weak nations on the north and south, huge oceans to the east and west, with no other major powers in the hemisphere, unprecedented levels of wealth and technology, the world’s most expensive military, and no other nations with which trade is important other than nations in the “second zone” of the empire like Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, and England. There is zero reason for the US to be interfering in the internal politics of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, or Latin American nations.

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  1. Even during her brief flirtation with non-interventionism as a fundraising niche to replace the Indian-expat-nationalist (Hindutva/BJP) donations that had powered her congressional campaigns, Gabbard mostly supported killing Muslims all day long, just doing it by drone rather than risking American troop lives. Before that, she was Republicans’ favorite Democratic hawk, and now she’s headed back in that direction.

    • Yes, she’s a Hindu nationalist who apparently hopes for a Hindu-Zionist-Western alliance against Islam, although as a combat veteran she’s smart enough to know it’s not a good plan to get bogged down in a ground war in the region. The thing that frustrates me the most about her is that she makes no distinction between the Iranian-led resistance axis and the Sunni axis, with the latter being split between the KSA-UAE-Israeli alliance and the Turkish-Qatari alliance. It’s the Sunni factions that are spreading Salafism and the Shia and their allies are the front line resistance against Salafism.

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