Some reasons to be against the Union

By Ally Marie McLean

The problems a nation that would otherwise be independent suffers under the globalist system which is currently consolidating its power, a state which would otherwise be independent suffers under the yoke of the Union. That is to say, the Union is on the national level what the globalist order represents on the global level. Since the Union has been consolidating its power for some time longer than the globalist system has, the way the consolidation of the federal government’s power has taken place has unfolded may prove instrumental in understanding the path the entire human race is headed down as the globalist system consolidates the power of its central planners. The global homogenization which humanity is currently experiencing, and the corresponding disintegration of local and national cultures, is exactly what has happened to the states making up the United States. These states once enjoyed cultures and identities more closely approximating distinct nationalities, which have been consumed and annihilated by the overarching national identity shared by all Americans. And, like what has happened with the consolidation of centralized power in the United States, globally we will see the continued expansion of the power of the globalist central planners happen at the expense of the influence individuals have over the democratic processes they are a part of, the power they have over their own lives, and the attention given to their problems by their rulers. How this has occurred, and continues to occur, in the states under the Union, I will now explain. Through the lens of this explanation, it will become abundantly clear how the same process is happening to the entire world because of the rise of the globalist system. This explanation will take the form of an argument, or rather three arguments, for the secession of all fifty states currently making up the United States of America from the Union. Such secession would be a challenge not only to the power of the Union over our lives, but to the power of the globalist system as well.

First, I will cover how the existence of the federal government diminishes the influence citizens have as individuals over the democratic processes they are a part of. This one is simple enough, really.


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