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Why Dave Rubin And Many Liberals Are Turning Conservative

I actually think someone like Dave Rubin and the #WalkAway types represent the future of mainstream conservatism (socially liberal and economically conservative but tolerant of the alt-lite as long as they’re pro-Israel). The big question is what are they going to do with Trump’s nursing home/trailer park/insane asylum coalition?

I always found Limbaugh and cretins like Hannity and Mark Levin to be far more objectionable than someone like Alex Jones. Jones is just a crank who is only taken seriously by other cranks. Limbaugh was the mouthpiece of the most retrograde sectors of the US ruling class, the neocons and neo-Reaganites. If anything, the Jones types inadvertently performed a service by promoting the conspiracy nuts and populist-right as an alternative to the Reaganites and neocons for whom Limbaugh was a propagandist, which has had the effect of splintering the Republican-oriented right-wing. When I first started noticing the growing “conspiracy right” in the 90s, I figured they were something that could be weaponized against the neocons, like wild dogs in the pen in the backyard that you can sick on a prowler or burglar, and I thought the same thing when the alt-right developed in the late aughts. I seem to have been right.

However, the main concern I have there is that a seriously dangerous figure like a Tom Cotton type (an unabashed Zionist/neocon/plutocrat/MIC flunkie) might somehow manage to unite the two camps. That’s the main danger to look for coming from the right at present.

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  1. One missing piece here is that Jones only became ‘right-wing’ and somewhat hawkish when his panties got wet for Trump. This brought more of a ring wing flavor to his listeners when previously he was more Coast to Coast AM anti-war anti-cop anti-gay frogs, minus the aliens.

    There are a lot of left-wing conspiracy types, and always has been. Years ago they were more leaders of the left with homeschooling and anti-big pharma tendencies, and the candle was kept lit with Alex Jones and now James Corbett who is getting more and more popular. Coast to Coast AM is the mothership when it comes to night-time alien talk radio, and even those listeners have become 80% conservatives, not because they have gotten more right-wing, but the whole world has swung left.

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