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It’s time to get real about freedom of speech

By Brendan O’Neil, Spiked Online

I’m glad sections of the left find the free-speech crisis so funny. Or ‘free-speech crisis’, as they always put it, those sarky quote marks signaling their skepticism towards the idea that there’s a censorship problem on campus and elsewhere in society. ‘Freeze peach!’, they cry at anyone who thinks it is a bad thing that people can be No Platformed, threatened with death, or sacked from their jobs for expressing the ‘wrong’ opinion. Hilarious, isn’t it?


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  1. The vast majority of the American population is not old enough to remember that in the late 1960’s, leftist students marched on campuses like UC Berkeley IN FAVOR OF free speech. How things have changed!

    In 2017, October, Antifa and various rioters marched on US Berkeley, smashing windows and burning, AGAINST free speech.

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