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Fascism, newnormalism and the left

This  article nails it down pretty down. The main thing I would add is the left’s embrace of scientism (“science” is not merely a process capable of generating error like anything else but the modern version of a papal bull) and therapeutism (“health” is the highest value and it is the responsibility of the state to make everyone healthy) plays a major role in what the author is describing.

By Paul Cudenec

Sometimes secondhand books can come into our possession in ways that make it quite clear they need us to read them. Such was the case with Le fascisme italien by Pierre Milza and Serge Berstein, (1) which reached me by means of a random sequence of events including a friend moving flat, an unexpected traffic jam and a small public park on the outskirts of Paris. It did not disappoint and, as I am about to explain in more detail, helped me to see a number of crucial issues more clearly.


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