Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Prepare for the Coming Multi-Order World

The end of American unilateral hegemony will not be merely a return to the multi-polar order of the liberal era prior to the two world wars. Nor will it be the kind of multi-partner system envisioned by the liberal internationalists or the multicultural “global community” envisioned by the “human rights imperialists.” It will be more like a return to the pre-modern world with different local and regional orders that are vastly different from each other, i.e. genuine diversity. The McDonaldization world is on its way out.

By Trine Flockhart

The international system is changing on a scale that is bigger than the end of the Cold War.

The international system is changing, while our institutions seem to be challenged by a long succession of crises. Policymakers have expressed the feelings that ‘the world is spinning out of control’ and that ‘order is collapsing’ and that we appear to be returning to a multipolar system.


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