100+ nights of Portland protests – Attack the System podcast

Keith interviews Attack The System co-editor Vince about Portland Oregon’s 100 plus nights of protest. Vince lives in Portland and provides first hand accounts and context for the uprising

Discussion includes:

  • 100 nights of protests in Portland
  • Scope of the protests and effect on the city
  • Targets of the protest
  • Trump’s switch to a “Law & Order” re-election campaign
  • Trump’s fixation on Portland and the presence of Federal Police
  • Shooting of Portlanders with “less than lethal” munitions and use of Geneva Convention banned weapons
  • Participation of the Lumpenproletariat in the uprising
  • Effect of the pandemic on the uprising
  • “Disappearing” protesters by the police
  • Conflict between right-wing groups and anti-fascists
  • Shooting of Aaron Danielson by self proclaimed anti-fascist Michael Reinoehl, who was killed by police
  • Failure of Democrats and progressives to address police brutality in liberal cities
  • Diversity of the protest movement
  • Aims of the protest movement and possible outcomes
  • The expansion of the police state as a domestic standing army
  • Looting and targeting of specific buildings
  • Mutual aid networks sustaining the protest, autonomous zones and neighborhood level anarchism

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  1. Thank you for this! It is so refreshing. At my job (as an educator of refugee adults for a public school district) we were told to read an article by Robin Diangelo on w.f., and I was left with two impressions: it’s psychological abuse and it is demonic. It also reminds me of what I learned years back about the Cultural Revolution in China. We will have a “training” (ack!) next Thursday. Trying to discern if/how to start expressing my viewpoints. I think there could be an argument against these trainings that because they offend religious sensibilities (with public confessions) they violate the separation of (church)/religion and state. Any thoughts?

  2. Outside of hating cops or the military not certain if Antifa are really anarchists’. Some of the Antifa like strongmen like Mao. In fact one time they joke that the Gulag was better than jail, but they don’t really knew what happen the Gulag. They are a modern Wobbie group. In Seattle, they had a big picture of Angela Davis who refuse to helped prisoners in the Soviet Union.

    • The Antifa are a mixture of self-identified socialists, communists, and anarchists. Like all such movements, they are being overrun by authoritarian leftists like the Maoists. It’s the same story that’s happened throughout the entirety of anarchist history, beginning (at least) with the First International, if not the French Revolution, if not earlier. Anarchists who are involved with Antifa are merely following the same failed trajectory from the past. A much better approach for anarchists is to work to foster anarchist, libertarian, anti-state, decentralist, or anti-authoritarian tendencies wherever they appear on the political or cultural spectrum, with the idea of building alternative infrastructure and dual power that simply disengages from the state and allows the state to collapse. The overthrow of the commie regimes in Eastern Europe and the collapse of the USSR is the best model for a modern revolution that I know of. Unfortunately, Antifa-types are leftist Takfiris who envision a leftist caliphate with worldwide conversion to totalitarian humanism. Their “revolution” would be more like the Cultural Revolution or the Khomeini Revolution.

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