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How Revolutionary is the Revolution?

A friend writes:

Every indication points towards this being a fake revolution. First, this revolution *is* televised, and gets favorable press coverage, with the embarrassing parts downplayed or ignored. Then, the corporations get on board, emblazoning the revolutionary slogan on their commodities. Half of the ruling duopoly has shown support, even kneeling in allegiance to the revolution. Their mayors have let rioters do as they please, and district attorneys have released arrested suspects. The reigning power structure of academia has indoctrinated the youth for decades to lay the foundation for this revolution, and the entertainment industry has primed the popular culture for this moment. It looks like the-powers-that-be are actively enabling this putative revolution because it furthers their agenda, and the people on the streets are being used as expendable pawns in someone else’s master plan.

I would add to these observations the fact that a de facto alliance extending from the far-left to neocons has formed merely for the purpose of opposing Trump, who is simply a loose cannon within the ruling class and who has capitulated to or been overruled by the normal Republicans or Deep State on virtually every issue, and whose fans represent a political/cultural minority that is shrinking in size and losing power.

A genuine opposition culture in the US would view the Red/Blue war the same way most Americans view the Shia/Sunni conflict (“Who are the Shia and Sunni?”) with groups like the Antifa or Proud Boys merely being court jester parodies of the Red or Blue Tribes. It might not be possible to personally distance oneself from it on that level but that should be the ideal to strive for. Of all the work I have done over the past 20-30 years, if I was going to change one thing I would probably focus more on trying to reach unpoliticized people or folks with a more “radical center” (anti-establishment but not left-wing or right-wing extremists) or those with general subcultural tendencies, as opposed to the far-left, libertarian ideologues, alt-right, etc. I’ve basically come to this position after reviewing the findings of the “Hidden Tribes” and “100 Million Project” studies.

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