What can Progressives do better in 2024?

The statist-centrist-centralist-reformist-electoralist “populism” of Krystal and Saager is interesting and insightful in some ways, but lame as hell in other ways. Gotta get over that “social contract” mythology, Saager.

Four suggestions:

1. Renounce the state and become anarchists. The state is the enemy of all mankind.

2. Abandon the Democratic Party as an enemy ruling class party and, preferably, abandon electoralism altogether except for propagandistic purposes. Vote third, or nobody, no matter who.

3. Abandon pathological right-wingophobia. Coopt the radical right and radical center instead of wasting ink and bandwidth ritually denouncing them.

4. A reordering of priorities: put anti-imperialism, anti-statism, and anti-capitalism first, and cultural politics, identity politics, therapeutic politics (“the personal is political”), and “social issues” second.

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