Robert Stark interviews Ann Sterzinger Reply

Ann Sterzinger Returns!

Ann Sterzinger

Topics include:

Trigger Warning, her new project with Rachel Haywire

The Pros and Cons of Child Abuse

Why she is a “radical moderate” and why it’s foolish to subscribe to any ideology in its entirety

Why people feel a need to be part of a political team that will support them and how it’s difficult to be politically homeless

How writing fiction enables you to not have to toe the party line

How peoples attention spans have become shorter

Why Libertarianism is good in theory but does not take into account human nature

Feel good myths that are put out into pop culture (ex. the popular crowd in high school becoming losers as adults)

How things are often just an outgrowth of culture rather than a conspiracy

The Savage God: A Study of Suicide

Her Translation into English of the French Novel Dans le ciel (In the Sky)

Ann’s recent excursion through a Muslim “no-go zone” in France

Misconceptions about French culture

How being a foreigner sometimes gives you a pass on one’s social ineptitude

Self Publishing Via Amazon

The skill set of promotion versus being a good writer

Her upcoming dystopia Science Fiction Novel “Lyfe”

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