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News Digest July 7, 2015

New Book: Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado

The Necessity of Greece’s Separation by Noah Millman

Gay Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness by Noah Millman

Arizona Cops Publicize All Phone Contacts of Suspected Sex Businesses by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Why Hardly Anyone Dies from an Overdose in Portugal by Christopher Ingraham

Family Raided by SWAT, Dog Shot, Over Unpaid Utility Bill by Matt Agorist

Baltimore Cop Reveals Everything Awful He Saw On the Job by Radley Balko

Obama Grants Clemency to Scores of Drug Prisoners by Matt Agorist

How to Make Housing Affordable, Forever by Alana Semuels

Corporate Capitalism is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Police State by Chris Hedges

Harmonization vs Centralization: How the Euro Failed Greece by Peter Suderman

Argentine Indigenous Chieftan Lead Fight to Reclaim Ancestral Land by Uki Goni

Laws Preventing Property Seizures Cutting Into Police Budgets Associated Press

YouTube Removes Trailer for Evangelical Film Questioning Whether People are Born Gay by Bill Hallowell

For European Elites, Greece is a Convenient Scapegoat by Yanis Varoufakis

The Legal Slavery That is Happening in Modern America by Terrell Jermaine Starr

Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Gets Paid $40,000 to Sit at Home Countercurrents News

No New Jails. Period. by Susan Sered

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