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End Times Broadcaster Renounces His American Citizenship Because of Gay Marriage

This is welcome news. The more that the different strands of the “far right” continue to lose power politically within the context of the mainstream political system, the more they will turn their back on the “American way.” As revolutionary anarchists, we should encourage the entire spectrum of the right-wing to adopt such a position, whether they be religious fundamentalists, traditional conservatives, neo-reactionaries, neo-confederates, right-wing libertarians, white nationalists, paleo-conservatives, pro-lifers, gun nuts, homophobes, survivalists, preppers, etc, etc, etc. Ideally, the entire spectrum of the radical right would turn their backs on the United States, and work to carve out their own independent enclaves and city-states. This is something the genuine radical Left should support.

By Allen McW

The Daily Kos

Preface: I thought I had heard it all but Rick Wiles gets my vote as the most OUT THERE bigot yet!

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles renounces his American Citizenship because of the Marriage Equality ruling.

Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up! The morons are just rushing out the gate like a dam which has burst open to let the floodwaters out! It seems they are all trying to outdo each other in their bid to do and say the most bizarre things imaginable!

Here are just a few of the bizarre and Un-American trash that Rick Wiles spouted.

the America I knew and loved is dead, rest in peace. It will not be resurrected.


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