Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Gritty Star Wars

A collection of Star Wars art re-imagines the classic sci-fi story as a gritty TV series with realistic political undertones, exploring the moral ambiguity of military conflict and civil war. Poor kids are conscripted into the Storm Trooper infantry, and rebel insurgents are defectors from the imperial underclass utilizing terrorist tactics. Is Star Wars just another struggle between two forces of the galactic ruling class: corrupt, self-aggrandizing senators on one side, and an imperial dictatorship on the other? a few sample pictures and captions below, and definitely read the whole thing if this sounds interesting.

What would it be like to follow the story of a conscript? Would a poor kid, conscripted into the imperial army, have ever been to orbit? Maybe some of them really believe in what the Empire is doing?? Maybe some of them just want to go home?

Some of the Rebel soldiers are still true blue heroes, but there could be charismatic leaders who are basically terrorists.

Another character could be a poor kid who witnessed the invasion of their homeworld and the indiscriminate slaughter of its inhabitants. We see the brutality of the Empire’s campaign through the pain of a character who has lost their home, culture, and identity; and we can understand why some of the rebel soldiers are merciless and pragmatic, and think that actions akin to terrorism are completely justified.

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