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School Shootings and Gun Control

There has been a lot of talk about spree killers and gun control with the recent school shooting in Oregon and the rampaging cop killers in Las Vegas, NV and Canada. A few things to remember: The US police state and prison industrial complex incarcerates it’s own citizens at a rate higher than any country in the world. It houses 25% of the world’s prison population. Many of these prisoners are members of minority groups, the underclass, and the working poor. The police state guns down civilians on a daily basis across he country; often doing so during duties that are described as “routine” stops. Increasingly, the police are becoming militarized with an inflow of equipment and training from the armed forces. SWAT teams are conducting no-knock raids, sometimes at the wrong address, often on the basis of flimsy evidence from unreliable informants. They are throwing flash grenades into the cribs of toddlers, bringing automatic carbines to enforce zoning ordinances and health codes, and have taken on the mentality that America is a war zone and that they are a force of occupation.

But the media and gun control advocates want you to fear armed civilians. They want you to believe that the extremely low probability of a spree shooter killing your loved ones is enough reason to hand over a monopoly on deadly weapons to the very system that is incarcerating, shooting and terrorizing us on a daily basis. Of course the judicial system and police state would gladly accept and enforce such measures.

Exactly who needs to be disarmed and why always changes depending on who is in power. The NRA and frightened white citizens backed gun control back when the Black Panthers armed themselves in response to the police terrorizing their neighborhoods. Now progressive liberal urbanites and suburban soccer mom’s back gun control to disarm scary, right wing white people. Whenever guns make headlines some new demographic cries for stricter gun control laws in order to disarm the rank and file of that demographic’s political rivals.

Attack the System opposes gun control, not just for personal self defense reasons, but because we want to deny the system it’s monopoly on the use of force and possession of deadly weapons. We recognize that whoever controls the system will use it to legitimize the oppression and the disarming of it’s political rivals.

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