We're Back in Business

Are anarchists back in business after 70 years? Yes, according to an AP News Report: European anarchists grow more violent, coordinated … A loosely linked movement of European anarchists who want to bring down state and financial institutions is becoming more violent and coordinated after decades out of […]

R.I.P. Aaron Zelman

The leader of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has died. See obituaries here and here. My only contact with Aaron was a lengthy telephone conversation about fifteen years ago, but I found him to be a highly impressive individual. JPFO’s materials are some of the most […]

Leftist Deja Vu

by  Jack Ross Originally published at Jack’s Post Right blog for The American Conservative I am admittedly late in commenting on this item on @TAC praising a new effort to unify and strengthen leftist dissent from Obama.  It brings me nothing so much as an overwhelming sense of […]

The Tragedy of Martin Van Creveld

by Jack Ross Originally posted at The American Conservative Richard Silverstein blogs about the most recent newspaper column of Martin van Creveld, the brilliant Israeli military historian and author of the monumental work The Rise and Decline of The State.  The column is just the conventional argument that […]

Left Libertarians: A Dispassionate Assessment

by Michael Parish Originally published at A Beautiful Mind Left-Libertarianism is an ideology that seeks to hybridize the economic agenda of classical liberalism with the cultural agenda of the New Left, as such constituting a conscious return to the movement as it existed in the mid to late nineteen sixties. Therefore it appears paradoxically both radical, […]

Encouraging Words from a Reader

A reader recently posted these comments on a left-libertarian discussion board. These are very encouraging words (and not just because it includes praise for Yours Truly). This is the kind of genuine independent thinking we need for anarchists to engage in, rather than just being drones for this […]

The Plight of the Intellectuals

Jack Ross assesses the Left-Neoconservatives of the Euston Manifesto persuasion. The Euston Manifesto is particularly important because it outlines what will be the ideological future of the Western ruling classes, i.e. neoconservative foreign policy views, the Zionist/Islamophobic paradigm, neoliberal economics, and the social agenda of the far Left.  […]

Do You Hate the State?

Murray Rothbard asked the crucial question. Tom Paine’s radical hatred of the State and statism was and is far more important to the cause of liberty than the fact that he never crossed the divide between laissez-faire and anarchism. And closer to our own day, such early influences […]

"That’s Rape in Sweden!"

Jim Goad hits another home run. Maybe the Assange case will awaken progressives to the dangers posed by radical feminist misandry. A reasonable feminist, Naomi Wolf, weighs in on the case here and ATS contributor MRDA comes up with an appropriate term for the situation with Assange and […]

Attacking the World

The latest from Paul Craig Roberts. Some publisher somewhere needs to put out a volume (or multiple volumes) of Roberts’ columns over the past years. There is arguably no greater critic of the U.S. empire around nowadays  (his closest rival is probably Eric Margolis), and nobody cuts to […]

On Keeping the Momentum Rolling

Over the past six months or so, interest in the various alternative anarchist milieus seems to have grown exponentially. The number of blogs, websites, or local affinity groups devoted to such projects has proliferated to the point where I can no longer keep track of them all. It […]

The New Anarchists

Thanks to Jeremy for digging up this piece from David Graeber. As an anthropologist and active participant—particularly in the more radical, direct-action end of the movement—I may be able to clear up some common points of misunderstanding; but the news may not be gratefully received. Much of the […]

The Health Tyrants

Walter Williams on the latest manifestation of the therapeutic state. Notice that the proponents of the therapeutic state seem to be the most extreme and deeply entrenched in those regions of the U.S. where the general totalitarian humanist ideology is also the most influential. As totalitarian humanism advances, […]