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Twitter’s Verification Fiasco May End in Court

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BuzzFeed and Gawker Meme-ified Reality With This One Weird Trick

Steven Levy

A new book by BuzzFeed News founder Ben Smith reveals how virality betrayed the news industry—but glosses over who really drove the clicks.


The 10 Best Movies on Apple TV+ Right Now

Angela Watercutter

The streaming service doesn’t quite have Netflix’s back catalog, but it has a solid lineup.


How Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot Came to Be—and Where It’s Going Next

Paresh Dave

The AI-powered chat interface transformed the second-place search engine into a trendsetter. Now the company is integrating ads and working on accuracy.


Twitter’s Verification Fiasco May End in Court

Chris Stokel-Walker

The law says you can’t falsely claim that celebrities are paying for Twitter Blue.


Dark Mode’s Shadowy Promises

Lauren Collee

Light-on-dark displays tap into society’s deepest fears about technology’s ills. But reducing screen light isn’t the same as putting your device away.


An SEC Dissenter Says the Regulator Must Ease Off Crypto

Joel Khalili

The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken a hard line on digital assets. One of its own commissioners says it’s going too far.



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