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5/3/23 BREAKING: Russia Says Ukraine Behind Drone Assassination Attempt On Putin, Bipartisan AI Legislation, WGA Strike, Biden Sends Troops To Border, National Debt, Big Tech Anti Trust Collusion, More LeakedTucker, Liberal Group Admits Grift, 2nd Haitian Revolution Begins, Death of Press Freedom

Ryan and Emily discuss the Breaking News that Russia claims it was attacked by a Ukrainian Drone assassination attempt targeted at Putin, bipartisan AI legislation is introduced, the WGA strike begins as major tv shows shut down, Biden sends troops to Mexican border, Schumer says he’s going to make a decision next week on the bill democrats are putting forward to solve the national debt, the USTR working with tech companies to block anti trust legislation, more leaked clips from Tucker Carlson, Emily looks into the Southern Poverty Law Center losing a legal battle to an immigration group, Ryan looks into a second Haitian revolution underway, and guest Ann Wilcox from DC Actions For Assange joins us to talk about the event Death of Press Freedom and Julian Assange.

Timestamps: Russian Drone Attack: (0:10) AI: (7:36) WGA Strike: (17:02) Border: (27:01) National Debt: (34:34) Tucker: (51:51) Southern Poverty Law Center: (1:04:54) Haiti: (1:16:16) Julian Assange: (1:30:45)

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