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5/5/23: Anthony Fantano on AI Drake Music, FBI Accidentally Kidnap Wrong Man, CNBC Reporter Caught On Cam w/ Billionaire, Art of Class War, Michigan’s Toxic Air, Elon Musk’s New Company Town, 3 Reasons Buzzfeed Died

This week we look at Krystal talking to music expert Anthony Fantano @TheNeedleDrop about how AI created a Drake song that went viral, the FBI accidentally kidnaping the wrong man at a hotel, a CNBC reporter who hosts a show called “Capital Connection” caught on camera with a billionaire in her room, Max Alvarez from The Art of Class War, Jordan Chariton reports on the scene in Kalamazoo, Michigan where a paper mill dumps toxic air, James Li looks into Elon Musk’s new company town, and Spencer Snyder gives us 3 Reasons Why Buzzfeed Closed.

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(0:00)Anthony Fantano on AI Drake Song (20:00)FBI Accidentally Kidnap Wrong Man (23:50)CNBC Reporter Caught On Cam With Billionaire (28:42)Max Alvarez (1:05:50)Michigan’s Toxic Air Plant (1:21:57)Elon Musk’s new company town (1:31:47)3 Reasons Why Buzzfeed Closed

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