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Goodbye ‘Tolerance’

May 3, 2023

I know that I’ve referenced the term “reactionary” in posts before, but I’ve mainly used my own definition/interpretation of it as a middle finger to the brain dead who toss the term around. However, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of “reactionary” is:

a person who is opposed to political or social change or new ideas

If the above definition is the one intended when someone calls me a “reactionary,” I embrace the term wholeheartedly.

If I am a “reactionary” because of my opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour, the medical transitioning of minors, the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, and a fellow American facing a decade or more in federal prison for posting a meme (that a few low-IQ subhumans took seriously), I’ll wear that term proudly. By labeling me a reactionary, the person using that term is letting me know that they are criticizing me for opposing the “change or new ideas” (some of which I just listed) of which they approve. And if I’m honest with myself, I have to thank them for letting me know of their approval of these things. It makes it that much easier to know who is on my side and who isn’t.

It has not escaped my notice that I’ve never been called a reactionary by someone who is an advocate of the above horrors, only by those who attempt to take the high road by presenting themselves as neutral in the “culture war.” I find these people especially heinous, as they believe that neutrality is the moral position when it comes to the mutilation of children and the tyranny of the Nuremberg Regime.


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