LDP resistance imperils passage of LGBT law before G7 summit

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LDP resistance imperils passage of LGBT law before G7 summit
Even if the envisioned legislation is put into force, Japan would still lag behind other G7 nations that have already instituted laws prohibiting discrimination against …
Almost half of young people in Japan have had suicidal thoughts, survey finds
About 56% of those who had suicidal thoughts did not speak to anyone about it, while 12.4% of people said they opened up to friends …
Drones becoming indispensable for Indo-Pacific navies
Systems come in all shapes and sizes and can be used on land, in the air and at sea, particularly in inhospitable or dangerous environments.
As ‘sherpa,’ top envoy Keiichi Ono will play key role in G7 summit success
During the Hiroshima summit, only the G7 heads of state or government and their sherpas will be allowed to enter the meeting room — making …
A ghostly ‘fairy lantern’ plant in Hyogo, back from the dead
For over two decades, scientists thought Thismia kobensis was extinct, but it’s now being called a “Lazarus species” following a discovery by Kobe University researchers.
Japanese crown prince and princess depart Japan for King Charles III coronation
After attending the coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, the couple will leave Britain later the same day.

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Privacy concerns and overzealous viewers can wear off the shine of filming in Japan, but many streamers say it’s still very much worth it.
Why Europe can’t solve its mass migration problem
The arc of human misery on its doorsteps is made worse by evil people like Russia’s Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group.
Kabuki kids: The children of Japan’s traditional theater
The son of a renowned actress and grandson of a famed kabuki actor, 10-year-old Maholo Terajima has made history as the first recognized dual national …
Manchester City scoring machine Erling Haaland sets Premier League record in victory
Haaland broke the record for most goals in a single Premier League season when he scored the second goal of his team’s 3-0 win over …
What exactly are the dangers posed by AI?
A recent letter calling for a moratorium on AI development blends real threats with speculation. But concern is growing among experts.
Scientists use brain scans and AI to ‘decode’ thoughts
While the main goal is to help people who have lost the ability to communicate, the research raises concerns about “mental privacy.”

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