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Mass deportation is economically sound, logistically feasible, and could be accomplished in a matter of years

Low-intensity but gradually escalating interethnic conflict currently plagues all Western countries. If left unresolved, it could persist for centuries and lead to the collapse of our entire civilization. The only viable, peaceful, sustainable solution is mass deportation. However, this proposal is often met with abject horror and dismissed out of hand as a physical impossibility: “You can’t just round up and kick out all of those people!” Really? History says otherwise.

During the second half of the 20th Century, decolonization forced millions of Whites to flee the Third World. Algeria, for example, expelled a million Whites (~10% of its total population) within a few years of gaining independence. Similarly, Tunisia expelled a quarter of a million Whites, while Morocco expelled just under half a million (~7% and ~5% of their respective populations). Between 1995 and 2005, one million White South Africans fled the country, citing violence as the main reason.

Huge demographic turnovers can occur in the blink of an eye or gradually over the course of decades. Kazakhstan’s native Kazakh population increased from ~30% in 1959 to ~70% in 2021, while the number of ethnic Russians fell from over 6 million in 1989 to under 3 million in 2021. Time is of the essence in the West, but the Kazakhs are an excellent example of a population that returned from the brink of demographic demise.

Aside from Kazakhstan, the aforementioned expulsions and exoduses resulted from brutal interethnic warfare, something we should hope to avoid. Western governments could (and should) prevent such conflicts from arising here by pursuing peaceful separation, but the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. If current trends persist, interethnic civil wars will become endemic to the West.

Unlike Europeans, who lived in Africa for centuries, most non-Whites have lived in the West for a few decades at maximum. According to the UK census, 40% of all immigrants entered the country within the last ten years. Non-White immigrants have no roots in the West, so they fabricate absurd revisionist myths, like “the ‘first’ Europeans were Black Africans” (National Geographic 2019Dutch News 2023). They attack our culture, history, and race with open hatred. Repatriating people who are so poorly integrated will not be difficult, and mass deportation is more than justified in light of the ongoing anti-White riots, terror attacks, and crime sprees. Countries have expelled ethnic groups for far less heinous behavior.


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