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Zionism needs anti-Semitism

John Hagee’s turn as a key speaker caused much liberal consternation – he is, after all, a notorious anti‑Semite. Daniel Lazare comments on the aftermath of the huge pro-Israel demonstration in Washington DC By Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker Zionism says it is laying waste to Gaza and killing […]

The boomer market boon

October 30, 2023 • 5 min read with Dan DeFrancesco Welcome back. If you still haven’t figured out a Halloween costume, try one of these celebrity-inspired ones that you can easily recreate. In today’s big story, we’re looking at why baby boomers might be your best bet toward […]

Gen Z is out on college

with Dan DeFrancesco Hi, and welcome to the new-look version of Insider Today! Come in and get yourself acquainted. Just try not to break anything. I’m Dan DeFrancesco, your host for the next five minutes.   Hopefully, you had a relaxing holiday weekend and weren’t caught up in […]

Descendants of the Dragon

Demographics, Immigration and the Future of Civilisation Gearoid Murphy Aug 27, 2023 “The world is entering a new dispensation in terms of immigration”. Those were the dry words of Irish mainstream journalist Mick Clifford on a late night political talk show where a panel discussed national backlash against […]

What Makes Texas So Successful?

by Peter Zeihan on August 23, 2023 ***NOTICE OF WEBSITE DOWNTIME*** We will be making some updates to our website on Wednesday, August 23, starting at 8:00 pm MST. Impacts may last a few hours. We appreciate your understanding. Any further updates will be posted to Twitter.  […]

Let’s Talk California

by Peter Zeihan on July 17, 2023 California has been one of the most successful states in the US, primarily because of things outside its control. Large-scale inward international immigration has enabled California to continue its population growth. The millennial desire for an urban coastal experience has brought […]

Mass deportation is economically sound, logistically feasible, and could be accomplished in a matter of years

Low-intensity but gradually escalating interethnic conflict currently plagues all Western countries. If left unresolved, it could persist for centuries and lead to the collapse of our entire civilization. The only viable, peaceful, sustainable solution is mass deportation. However, this proposal is often met with abject horror and dismissed […]

Missing but Wanted: Children

By Michael Lind, Tablet What if those in authority declared an apocalypse—but the wrong one? The trans-Atlantic establishment preaches that the most important problem facing the world today is global warming, but meanwhile the fertility growth rate in the U.S. and Europe has collapsed. From a radical environmentalist […]

Appalachia’s quiet time bombs

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 Andrew Aoyama Deputy managing editor The people who live and work in Appalachian coal country tend to be viewed as climate-change villains rather than victims. But the deadly floods that swept a pocket of eastern Kentucky last summer challenge common preconceptions about which Americans […]


By Joel Kotkin “Town and country must be married and out of this joyous union will spring a new hope, a new life, a new civilization.” — Ebenezer Howard, 1898” All cities must evolve over time. Those that fail to do so end up, at best, like Venice, […]

Race and State

By Joel Kotkin The upcoming ruling by the US Supreme Court on racial preferences is certain to ignite yet another divisive debate about whether or not a person’s ethnic heritage should determine their treatment by the state and major institutions. After steady progress towards “race-blind” governance, the notion […]

What does population decline mean for China?

What does population decline mean for China? Scott Rozelle on a globally invisible issue shaping the lives of millions of the country’s rural kids. Sean Nangle / The Signal China’s worldwide competition with the United States regularly captivates global attention—as with Washington recently shooting down a Chinese spy balloon, ongoing […]

Touting ‘Ethnic Fusion,’ China’s New Top Official for Minority Affairs Envisions a Country Free of Cultural Difference

March 3, 2023 ~ ABN Last October, China’s top officials convened the once-every-five-year congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to determine the leadership and political trajectory of the country for the next half decade. Xi Jinping secured a precedent-breaking third term as paramount leader of the Party, […]

Ukraine’s demographic future

Noah Carl Feb 9 Since Russia’s invasion began, there’s been no shortage of images of the physical destruction it has wrought: collapsed bridges, crumbling churches, street after street of burnt out buildings. The World Bank estimates that reconstruction costs may reach $349 billion. And that figure was published […]