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“The Forgotten Terrorist Pretext of the Vietnam War”

Since 9/11, terrorism has become the ultimate entitlement program for America’s political elite.
Jim Bovard, “The Forgotten Terrorist Pretext of the Vietnam War” [2023]


February 17, 2023

Cuba and Vietnam: What’s the Difference?
During a visit to Mexico by Cuba’s president Miguel Díaz-Canel, Mexican President Manuel Amador López Obrador (AMLO), announced that he was willing to lead an international effort to pressure the U.S. government into lifting its six-decade-old economic embargo against the Cuban people. AMLO stated, “As a sign of goodwill and that all the countries of the Americas are willing to join forces, I …

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The Forgotten Terrorist Pretext of the Vietnam War
by Jim Bovard
Libertarian Institute
The Four Corners of Liberalism with Peter Boettke & Emily Chamlee-Wright, Pt. 2
by Peter J. Boettke and
Emily Chamlee-Wright

Mercatus Center
(Re)introducing Adam Smith
by Jesse Russell
Liberty Fund
What Mises Understood about Prices and Trade That Socialist Economists Did Not
by Walter Block and
Robert Batemarco

Foundation for Economic Education
Freedom of Speech and Religion Have Nothing To Do with It
by Laurence M. Vance
33 of the Best Robert Heinlein Quotes on Liberty, Politics, and Culture
by Patrick Carroll
Foundation for Economic Education
One-Paragraph Book Reviews
by Bryan Caplan
Bet On It
Unwarranted Optimism
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Cato Institute
When the US Assumed Joint Ownership of the War in Ukraine
by Ted Snider
Imperialist Nonsense: The US Takeover of the Philippines
by David Gordon
Mises Institute


Don’t Bow Down to a Dictatorial Government
by John W. Whitehead
The government wants us to bow down to its dictates. It wants us to buy into the fantasy that we are living the dream, ….
Why Sue Amazon for Antitrust Violations?
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
Why is the Justice Department considering filing an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon? Join FFF president Jacob G. …
Fiat Money and the French Revolution
by Phil Duffy
Weimar Germany’s hyperinflation is well known, as are more recent hyperinflations in Argentina and, most recently, Venezuela. Perhaps fewer people have heard of John …
Republican Déjà Vu
by Laurence M. Vance
The year was 1994. A Democratic president had been in the White House for two years. The Democrats controlled the Senate and the House …
How We Got a National-Security Police State, Part 3
by Jacob G. Hornberger
On February 26, 1993, terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City. While the bombing…
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