Raw Egg Nationalist: Nowhere To Hide From World Government, We Must Stand & Fight


Raw Egg Nationalist: Nowhere To Hide From World Government, We Must Stand & Fight

Raw Egg Nationalist discusses the ancient understanding between diet and social control and how food plays a key role in the enslavement as well as the liberation of humanity. The original Great Reset took place during the Agricultural Revolution with a transformation from animal-based agriculture to a plant-based diet. WEF’s Great Reset seeks a global corporate governance where the citizenry once again returns to a meatless diet. Climate Migration will be one of the key ways globalism is advanced. We’ve been on a civilizational trajectory where liberalism has led to the liberation of humankind from itself which is essentially transhumanism. There is nowhere to hide from world government, we have to stand and fight, here and now.

Nicolai Petro on The Hrvoje Morić Show – 16 Feb 2023

Professor Nicolai N. Petro discusses the tragedy of Ukraine.

Fox Green on The Hrvoje Morić Show – 16 Feb 2023

Writer Fox Green of discusses’s upcoming rally, WEF’s increasingly insane Malthusian policies (e.g. 15m cities, euthanasia), and how the rest of the world is focused on development.

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