North Korea fires ‘ICBM-class’ missile into Japan’s EEZ off Hokkaido

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North Korea fires ‘ICBM-class’ missile into Japan’s EEZ off Hokkaido
The launch comes a day after Pyongyang vowed an “unprecedentedly” strong response to joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea set for next …
Japan and China eye security dialogue this month amid balloon spat
Potential topics of conversation include Japan’s National Security Strategy, which was updated in December, and the situation over Taiwan, in addition to the suspected spy …
China naval helicopter flies near ship in Japan’s economic zone
Tokyo urged Beijing to prevent any similar occurrences in the future, after the chopper came roughly 150-200 meters from the vessel in waters northwest of …
China’s Xi plans ‘peace speech’ on Ukraine invasion anniversary, Italy says
The Feb. 24 speech will apparently continue Beijing’s line of urging peace while avoiding condemnation of its ally Russia.
Balloon crisis highlighted a split in China’s leadership, Pentagon official says
An assertion that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is suspicious of his military commanders is perhaps the strongest such public comment by a senior Biden administration …

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