Stop Importing People and Start Exporting an Idea

In nature, systems operate in dynamic equilibrium. There is a flow and balance, a yin and yang to all parts. We see the same process in the evolution of societies as the wonders of modernity flow throughout civilization.

What does this have to do with immigration? Everything. With modernity the old immigration thinking based on only more and more bodies is in direct conflict with present physical and technological reality.

But before we explore this let us rid ourselves of that old chestnut where we must welcome all immigration since “we are a nation of immigrants.” As a factual matter, all nations are nations of immigrants, it is only the timing of this immigration that might be different.

The U.S. population is just over 333 million. Without immigration, our population growth essentially would be flat, perhaps even on the decline. Some would call this a stable population and it wasn’t that long ago that most thought this was a good thing. In fact, most thought of it as a requirement for the long-term survival of the country and even the world.

But with immigration this country imports a new person every 126 seconds (most of these being low-skilled) for a net gain of a new person every 23 seconds! And if all illegal immigration were to be recorded, the numbers are most certainly worse than this.

Why is this a good thing for this country and how can it ultimately end well? Some in the business community believe we need population growth to drive economic growth. This is a fatally flawed design. Any economic system that requires an ever-expanding population is sooner or later destined to fail. These are called Ponzi schemes and they all crash sooner or later, it is a mathematical certainty.


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