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LUNACY! Watch Dem Candidates Unanimously Agree NY School Kids Should Be MANDATED To Get the Vaccine

Maud Maron is running for the NY10 Congressional seat. She is a mother of four children, a former public defender, and community leader. As the elected school board president of New York City’s largest school district, she fought Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempts to eliminate specialized high schools, and his attempts to establish racial quotas of Asian Americans in city schools. Maud is the only candidate vehemently opposed to vaccine mandates of any kind, and who has consistently called out the refusal by New York officials to “follow the science” by advocating for policies that just don’t make sense. As the only public school mother in the race, she has seen the damage that covid restrictions have had on NYC children. Thank you for watching the fully independent Kim Iversen Show. Sign up for my FREE email newsletter here: (I will never spam you or sell your info)

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