I AM THE WINNER: Now, Back to the 19th Century


“We shall repeal the twentieth century.” -Murray Rothbard

During the Clinton/Bush eras, I developed the idea of a left/right populist alliance to carry out pan-secessionism for the purpose of overthrowing the Atlanticist hegemony. In the Obama era, I did entryism into the Alt-Right in order to promote this idea.

When the Trump/Sanders movements emerged, I knew populism was here. While there has yet to be a significant left/right crossover (“Red-Brown Alliance”!), a minority of people on the left and right (e.g. Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore) now advocate for such a position, and defacto pan-secession is happening anyway. The Big Sort, sanctuaries, rising sympathy for formal secession, general fragmentation, and fears of civil war are evidence that pan-secession is transpiring.

Atlanticist unipolar hegemony is now being destroyed by an insurgency from the BRICS, Resistance Axis, and Global South. Russia, China, Iran, India, and others are throwing a wrench in the New World Order. This can only be a net positive. This is what I have envisioned for 25 years. I win.

Anarchist thought and practice is not merely some fringe cult from the 19th century that went around bumping off monarchs. It is not merely a relic of the Spanish civil war. It is not merely a modern youth subculture. It is not merely a derivative of 1960s protest movements. It is not a variation of American conspiracy populism. Anarchism is not merely worker cooperatives and labor organizing, or any one economic paradigm.

Anarchist thought and practice transcend many different social, economic, and political contexts that span many historical periods and civilizations. Anarchism has prototypes in many philosophical, religious, ethical, and cultural traditions that extend as far back as the Axial Age if not further with many modern parallels, adjacents, and variations. Anarchism represents a body of thought and practice that is grounded in history and represented in many ancient, medieval, indigenous, traditional, and pre-modern cultures. Back to the future.

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  1. Right populists have nothing to gain and everything to lose by any sort of “alliance” with the left. The left are anti-populist, especially the Berniebros and crank “anarchist” types.

    First they are just Democrat partisans. Second, any decent of them would just drop the lefty bullshit and join their neighbors.

    Third, the left has nothing to offer anyone. Facial piercings? Transexual exhibitionist sexual fetishes? Fringe “theory” from some no name antifa community college professor? Narcissistic rants about their fundie dad making them go to church?

    Not a joke, what does the left have to offer, other than lectures about diversity and queers taken from the Citigroup HR department?

    Right populists have enough useless cranks why would they want to add another bunch of useless attention whores?

    If the left were worth allying with right populists would seek them out, but they aren’t. There aren’t enough leftists to matter anyway.

    Sure I’d smoke weed with Jimmy Dore but he’s not a serious anything, why bother?

    • I generally have to agree. I have found that the definitive element of “left” opinion nowadays is simply enforcing the dictates of the “woke” morality police. What ideas does the American “left” have nowadays? PC moral enforcement and hating Donald Trump. That’s about it. Some are into the Green New Deal, which I think is quackery, or expanding the welfare state, which I am ambivalent about.

      • As an inhabitant of a lefty city (MSP), I have at minimum 3 families who self-ID as LGTV+ on my block.

        What I find unique about this tribe, is that (for unknown reasons) they seem to be competing to achieve, both mentally, and physically, the lowest form existence.

        Even animals will tend to “elect” the prime specimens of their tribe.

        How is the leftists have chosen to follow the Ogre Monsters amongst themselves?

        Serious question Keith! Does this have some sort of historical parallel?

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